Friday, August 20

Happy Birthday to Middle Sister! The Big 2-2! What up??

So today is the day my mom welcomed her second daughter into the mix.

Next week, Middle Sister will be navigating I-5 (the freeway from WA to CA) to SoCal to take on nursing school in Pasadena, California.  Yay, another SoCal bum!

So unfortunately no modeling career for her.

Instead, she'll be super close to me!  It'll be a couple hours (depending on traffic) from her place to our digs (which are still TBD), but the hosting will be worth.  We'll go celebrity sighting, watch her boyfriend try to surf, and have margaritas.  Did I mention celebrity stalking?

Maybe we'll have more intense close-up photos of her.  Or not...

Happy Birthday Sister!  I can't wait for you to visit!  We'll have a guest room, with empty drawers (she LOVES to use the dressers in hotel rooms!), and a robe for you.  Breakfast will be slightly hippie, but mimosas are available on request.  And please sign the guest book before you depart.  Thanks and have a Romy & Michelle Day!

Baby Sister, you've obvi invited also. Get your ass down south and will have drunkfest sisterly bonding.  And how good are you at driving a Penske truck?  I still have my shat in storage I need to relay down.  Are you for hire?  Cheap?  Will you work for beer?  If so, please call my agent at 1-800-555-GING.  You can schedule your interview at that time.

See you bitches soon!!  Viva the West Coast!

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  1. Yay nursing school.

    Read a sad sad statistic the other day about nursing school applicants. 77% of eligible applicants are turned away from nursing school because the demand in the classroom is too high.
    Nurses realized that the money is in the doing - not the teaching. Thus leaving the school room.
    We wonder why there is a nursing shortage!