Sunday, August 22

Remember that one time I moved from Virginia to California?

I promise I didn't forget about you.  Things have been a little busy here in the Wookie & Co. Navy Lodge suite.  We got into California on Friday, and had a warm welcome to the area with some intense LA traffic before Pasadena.  It was love at first sight.  Thank goodness I learned how to road rage like a true East Coaster.  Thanks Virginia for that.  And good things my windows were up. ;)

Our current mission is Location Destination...and so far haven't found much.

Well...scratch that...I LIE...we've found where we don't want to live.

This weekend was a lot of driving around and surveying the areas, the beaches, the neighborhoods, the ghettos, and the beach bum culture.  We did find a brewery, which is important.  Obviously.  Remember, hydration is key to good health.

This house hunting trek isn't as successful as Mr. Wookie's search when he first arrived in Norfolk, that's for sure.  It took him maybe 2 hours to find where he wanted to live.  And it was perfect.  So far, we've been looking for almost 48 hours and aren't any closer to unpacking that pesky Uhaul.  The luck apparently stops at the Mississippi.

But we have faith.  And time.  And money.  And we know it's better to wait it out for a week than rush into a bad decision just to have an address to our name.  So until then, please continue with any good thoughts you may have just laying around next to your laundry pile.  We'd like them.  Because once we secure a place, Wookie & Co. blogging can resume to it's regularly scheduling programming.

And so I leave you with collateral for your good thoughts our way.

Hi, I'm Little Man, and I can't wait to visit my Auntie Ging in California!

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  1. Yea you made it! Good luck with the housing search... glad to have you on the hippie coast!