Friday, August 27

Blogging Live...from The Coffee Bean!

So where have I been?  Well, house hunting.  But where have I been lately?  Living in my new place.  Yes, that's right.  We found a place.  Woot!

This past Monday morning, we were off with a list of places to tour.  The list wasn't long, but I was hopeful.  A few were in vicinity of walking to the beach, so how can you not be jazzed?  Unfortunately all of them were either leased over the weekend (this one to a Navy couple from Washington State - grrrr), were below our living conditions, or not available immediately.

But, I am here.  With a smile now.  

House hunting here was frustrating - at least in my opinion.  We wanted to be near the water, but the quality of the area left much to be desired.  We could find places in our price range, for the most part, but they wouldn't have been updated since 1976.  Umm, no.  This won't work.  I don't do mustard-colored appliances.  No.  Never.  Next.  It's as if it didn't matter whether the price of rent coincided with the quality of the residence.

There'd be houses listed at $2.2 million.  And across the street a meth lab.

Or it'd be Stepford Wife-esque apartment complex.  And on the upside, next to Whole Foods.  That isn't opening until Fall 2011.  And it was in the middle of NOWHERE.

Or the place was awesome - with the nicest landlord.  But it wasn't available until September 15th.  Which didn't work for us.  We need a place NOW.  We're living out of a hotel and U-Haul.

So when we found this place on, with the rental price just dropped (so it came up in our search efforts while we were at Jamba Juice), and the ability to tour it in 10 minutes, it was a sigh of relief after Mr. Wookie gave me the wink of approval before we even walked through the front door.

That day was turning depressing as we were out of houses to tour, nothing new was posted on Craigslist, Hot Pads, Postlets,, etc. and I was in Mopey Land. Probably the mayor of Bumsville, too.  And running for Council in ThisSucks, USA.

This place was magical and I was in awe.  It was 1,700 square feet (where the Loft was under 800sf, I swear), all the amenities of gated community, secured parking (something I didn't have in Virginia), and a huge kitchen to boot.  Just look at that cupboard space!  How in the world will we fill it all?  We could fit our old Loft in here at least twice.

And yes, picture quality is lacking...I do apologize.  But the blog is the further from my mind right now.  We're busy trying to fill the place with furniture (including a washer and dryer), which is going slower than expected.  All while a deadline of Mr. Wookie leaving for a little bit is coming up.  And with him leaving, I'm heading up to Oregon for a smidge (I've had a storage unit in Oregon since I graduated college, so I'm finally collecting those things).  But just a smidge.  I'd like to come back after a week or so and get the place further set up while I'm roommate-less.  And I'll probably drag the Mama Ging and Baby Sister in tow also.

So until we get furniture, we get to eat dinner over the mattress protection plastic.  Classy. I know.  You wish you could join.  I don't blame you.  We're hot hosts.

And to top off our experiences here, Mr. Wookie received his brown boots.  Brown boots are only given out to fleet squadron aviators.  So he's very excited about this, after not looking forward to checking into his new squadron.  No one likes being the new kid.  Or as he called it, the "FNG."  F***ing New Guy.

And I almost took a picture of him on his first day of work.  But I knew I wouldn't get that out of him.  He's a stickler for avoiding the Wookie & Co. spotlight.  Too bad I'm the perfect match to make him grace the blog.  And his family can thank me.  Monetarily.

Checks for my work can be mailed to the Wookie & Co address.  Please make them out to Mrs. Wookie.  Or have your people call my people and we can work out direct deposits.  I also accept allowances, trust funds, and inheritances. And don't forget payments via pedicures.

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