Saturday, August 7

Things I've Learned Today

PMS is not the way to start the weekend.  Oh, hi, welcome, I love bitchy Gingy.  Please stay awhile.  But make sure the liquor stash is full.

On that note: A rum 'n Coke at 12:27pm is completely acceptable.

We're making a list of Goodwill, Craigslist, and "just goodbye!" and I need to research what to do with our old, flattened pillows.  We'll be getting new in California, because these are 5+ years old and no longer properly functioning.  Does anybody know if they can be recycled?

We need to run to the wine store to pick up some empty case boxes to house our unopened stash of fermented grapes.

I just realized we need to go scoop up a jar of sand before we leave this coast.  This is my "thing" with Mr. Wookie being in the Navy.  I'm collecting a jar of sand from each station to house as mementos.  Some people collect other stuff, I collect old salsa jars of earth's dust.

We saw The Other Guys yesterday.  And, eh.  It was alright.  I was kinda disappointed.  I mean, Will Farrell brings it...but it wasn't The Hangover or Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Hopefully Dinner for Schmucks will be better.  We'll do that Monday.

Today is part of the Tax-Free Weekend here in Virginia for shopping.  That sounds like a deal until you realize you only save $2.12 in total cost.  Just another marketing scheme gone successfully.  They must have researched DeBeers.

I went to get my haircut today and the salon manager brought in her 8-week old kitten.  And it sucked.  Because she was soooo cute, and so little, and so black with a little snip of white beneath her chin...and I still so want one.  Or two.  But no more than two.  Maybe.  But with my plans of being out of town for Christmas, I have to wait until after Christmas.  So this delays my cat ownership further!

And the shoddy ol' knife block will not grace its presence in California.  Yes!

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  1. We saw The Other Guys last night too. It was alright, but not what we expected. Dinner for Schmucks was hilarious, but in a very goofy dumb way. I loved it.