Wednesday, August 11

I think it's hitting Mr. Wookie.

We're grabbing our last drink with one of our favorite bartenders since this is her last night before we leave.  Yesterday, Mr. Wookie commented that he's never been emotionally attached to a place anymore (minus Oregon, but the prospect of Flight School was really cool back then).  I think he'll really miss this place.

The place looks sad, the turtles are already in their transport tanks, there are only 2 places to sit (minus the floor), we've been eating out of plastic ware, and I've spent the last few mornings eating granola, yogurt, and fruit (not that I'm complaining about this - it's delicious after all!).

But in all seriousness, we're ready to just get moving.  Let's get out there.  Let's find a place.  Let's visit the ice cold ocean of the Pacific.

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