Sunday, August 15

Happy Birthday Mama Ging!

It's the one, the only...Mama Ging's birthday today!  Woohoo!  Cue the Chippendale strippers!

Okay, just kidding.  After all, I'm there not there to hand over some Ones, blog about it, and get some phone numbers.  Because everyone wants to ditch their military man for someone without body hair, right??  Umm, wrong, gross.  Pass!

Anyways, it's my mom's 26th birthday today (we're the same age!)...

Mama Ging's first time to England... 

I don't know if she got her fix for old churches or not, but I hope so!

And she has the ability to forget her glasses are on the end of her nose.

Happy Birthday Mamason...the Mama-rama...Mama Ging...hope your day is...well French Toast Sunday.  It's been FOREVER since I've had French Toast Sunday.  So be a bitch, and take a picture of it for me.  And I'll love you always.

I'll come up after we land in California, so we can grab some pedicures.  My "Too Much Sass" is peeling (I know, Mommy McD!).  That and we'll finish up the furniture shopping for your bedroom (you're welcome).  And how about you make me some pork chops 'n rice (delish!).  And then we'll go hang out with the ladies at your office.  Sound like a plan?

Happy Berfday Mommy.  Wish I could be there.  Loves you mucho!

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  1. Thank you sweetheart. Can't wait for you to come spend a little time with me. I miss you. Have a wonderful and safe trip. LOVE YOU!