Tuesday, May 11

Can it please be Friday yet...?

I don't have much time.  It's late.  I have a half of glass of wine to finish.  I've logged 3 miles (yes, that's it, but tonight's schedule only called for 2.5) and some upper body lifting.  Tortellini is in my stomach.  But I have much needed sleep to gather.

Wednesday and Thursday have gotten increasingly busy.  We're talking 7:00am at the office.  And out of the office...when I get outta the office.

And yes, this occurred last Friday as it was past 7:00pm when I got off work.  7:00pm on a Friday night.  So yes, I missed Happy Hour.  And no, I wasn't happy about it.  And yes, I made up for it.

So calling it a night is in order.

But first, I'll leave you with this.  Today I burned out my cellphone battery by 1pm.  By a blog I found this morning. I give you: DC Interns.  It chronicles the unbelievable lack-of-intelligence DC Intern.  I cannot wait to go to DC and play "Spot the Intern."  Because according to this, it should be like shooting fish in a barrel.  Or gays in San Francisco.  Or lesbians in Berkeley.  Or Illegals in Arizona.  Oh wait, that might be hard now....

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  1. I love the DC interns site! I was a DC intern not too long ago, but I'm pretty sure I was never as arrogant/clueless as these guys are... although I definitely did meet some who were like that.