Friday, May 28

Oh wait, you mean Friday's finally here?

I can complain all I want...but Mr. Wookie's week has been worse.  Fail.

So in honor of today, we were up at 5:00am, with only a couple of snooze sessions, and indulging in coffee by 5:30am.  Thanks to him, coffee was already made by the time I dragged my eye-boogy ridden face downstairs.  Fridays are usually ugly.

But we are celebrating May Birthdays in my office.  So a break at 9:30 is in the works.  I can almost taste my New York water bagel already.  Mmmmmmm....

Then hopefully lunch will come and go.  Then it'll be 5pm...and I'll be out.

But first, what to wear?  No need for a suit today (yes!) maybe I'll go casual.  Okay, semi-business casual.  Okay, casual rarely works in my area because Chacos are not an East Coast fashion practice.  Darn.  I should have gotten a damn degree is Eco Practices.  Because I can so have my office be a National Forest.

I guess the first order of business should be to shower.  But that means I have to crawl outta bed for the second time.  Life is so cruel.

Happy Friday!  And if you're off today, just suck it.  I don't want to hear how awesome you are.

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