Sunday, May 2

Outer Banks Adventure: Part Deux

Saturday night we intended to cut a rug.  And by that, I mean that we failed.  Hard.  The blender was broken, so we used the food processor.  Nothing says delicious like icebergs in your margarita.  And about the same time Evolution ended, I was asleep with my head in Mr. Wookie's lap...and he had his head zonked to the side.  One margarita each and we were out.  Apparently we were tired.  How sad.  I don't even think we hit Midnight.

But Sunday was a new day for adventure, and we decided to take our time making it home.

As you see, there's absolutely zero terrain here.

First order of business on the drive home...Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.  Unbeknown to us, this lighthouse is hot shit.  Umm, it's just a lighthouse.  Well apparently it's the tallest lighthouse in the US.  Oh, right, I forgot that bit in my elementary history lessons not revolving around the Oregon Trail.  So anyways, we made the pit stop to check it out.  This was after Mr. Wookie called me a Country Bumpkin for not knowing this.

Vanna White, eat your heart out.

And for $7, you could climb to the top.  Umm, that's okay.   There's not really much to see.  Flat land, shoreline, water...the end, right?  So we passed.  Can you tell I miss terrain?

But over to the left, about a 100 yards off the base, were these cute little houses.  After some researching, the house on the right belonged to the Lighthouse Keeper's family.  The house on the left were Coast Guard barracks.

Mr. Wookie Googling the houses.

How to Put Up Ugly Rain Spouts 101

Next stop: Kitty Hawk, NC (Home of the Wright Brothers' First Flight!)

We hopped back into the Jeep and headed the 30-45-60 minutes (I can't remember for the life of me!) up the Outer Banks to the National Park where Wilbur and Orville got their flight on.  We toured the museum dedicated to their lives, and I couldn't help but have my Gay-Dar go off.  I know, I know...historical outings shouldn't warrant speculation on sexual orientation.  But...seriously...2 guys...who never married...and lived together...weren't gay?!?  Riiiiiight.

But anyways, here you have a dedication to their lives.  The 2 buildings were their home and hangar.  Their initial flight trials took off from the base of the hill, and extended past the structures (out of frame).

The first 3 marks are their first 3 attempts.  Piss poor compared to their long-shot 4th flight.

What other way to enjoy history than paving over it and allowing Man to trudge atop.

Almost there...

And alas, we headed back home.  Not a bad weekend on a whim.  It was definitely something to add to our traveling accomplishments, as the Outer Banks is a Vacation Mecca to those on the Eastern Seaboard.  We came, we saw, we conquered.  Who knows where we'll travel to next!  We're always open to suggestions!

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  1. Looks like so much fun!! Love adventure posts! Will have my own soon, but probably at the end of the month!