Monday, May 17

Time to Poll those Bloggeratzis!!

Okay, troops, here's the time to sound off.  Gimme your $.02!  I want answers!

Middle Sister graduates from college mid-June...and I don't know what to get her!

What I won't get her?  Money.  Cold-hard cash.  Because that's just not my style.  I'm her sister.  I'm an avid fan of "useful" gifts - like a Roomba (but too bad she already has one of those!)  And I demand in a quality, thought-out, will-be-used/admired/appreciated gift.

Ready, set, go!  And yes, I'll be dancing over to to see if they're any help.

Thanks all.  Happy Monday!


  1. Idea#1: Cleaning certificate to merry maids so when she moves to the new location she doesn't have to worry about getting her whole deposit back. Idea #2: forthcoming...

  2. The best things I got when I graduated were suitcases, kitchen things (mixing bowls, toaster, pots & pans, baking sheets, and so on... I'd been living in dorms, so I had none of that), and some nice clothes since I was going to work in the real world and couldn't wear jeans and t-shirts everyday anymore. Congrats to your sister!

  3. I got a portfolio and a business card holder with my initials engraved on them as a graduation gift, and I found them very useful in the corporate world. Not sure what industry she is going into. Also, a really nice frame for her diploma would be something she will always have!

  4. Katie: Merry Maids...good idea. Not sure when she plans on leaving the C-ville. Wook thought this was a good plan too.

    Mrs. S: Middle Sister is pursuing a career as a surgical nurse. I guess that would have been a key point to divulge. Oh well, I like that idea of biz cards enough for myself. :D Merci!

  5. who cares about useful (although if you are looking for this direction I agree with the luggage suggestion)
    Just to remind her life can still be fun after college why not go with something totally fun like a beer of the month club!! :)

  6. Not sure if my ideas are too late but nevertheless, here they are:

    - a vacation for the two of you
    - a stainless steel kitchen aid stand mixer (love mine!)
    - a fancy schmancy new bed (a nurse needs her sleep)
    - a clothing shopping spree
    - travel gear
    - strand of pearls
    - a nice stethoscope

    Good luck and happy shopping!