Monday, May 31

How to Look Pregnant 101

a.) Actually be pregnant.


B.) Have family visit so you eat and drink your weight over the long weekend.

Friday night consisted of margaritas at Chili's.  Saturday morning was the continental breakfast at the hotel (we joined the family).  Saturday lunch was spent sampling beer with our lunch.  Saturday evening was more beer with a steak dinner.  Sunday morning was more breakfast.  Sunday lunch was tacos...and yup, you guessed it, more beer.  Sunday evening was spaghetti...and just a vodka tonic.  And this morning starts the bloating detox.

Good thing we didn't go to the beach.  I would have either been asked when I was due, or been confused for a beached whale that was attempting to escape the oil slick.  Not pretty.

So on the menu for dinner tonight...?  Salad.  And for tomorrow?  Salad.  And the next day?  Salad.  And the next day?  And the next?  And the next?  Salad, salad, salad.

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