Monday, May 3

Words that make Wookie & Co shutter.

"We're almost out of booze."

These words were out of Mr. Wookie's mouth, as he was assessing our stash of supplies.  This is never a good sign.  But it's not like we're bone-dry.  But we'll need to supply the bar before we have another round of house guests.  Not that we have plans for house guests anytime soon.  But we're more than welcome to host you.  If you don't mind a pull-out couch, and joining me for Sunrise Yoga on Saturdays.  And if I have to iron your shirt, you totally owe me a footrub.

"Do you babysit?"

Umm, no.  Somehow the extensive babysitting capacity seemed to jumped over this blogger.  Brother = great Children's Pastor.  Middle Sister and Baby Sister = amazeballs with children.  Mrs. Wookie = umm, I can totally hang out with you while your child naps.  And make us cocktails.  Every mom needs a friend like me.  I bring you back to your roots.  Make you feel human again.  Allow you to speak in terms more than "tummy time" and G-Diapers (which are awesome, by the way).


  1. Hello there...thanks for stopping by my blog...I've been sitting here reading yours and you are hysterical! Can't wait to read more. Looks like you're going to Oregon in June? Right around the time I'm going to Maine (where I'm from). I do believe you and I have swapped coasts. My heart is in Maine, but I must admit, I LOVE Idaho. Love it. Thanks again for stopping by...hope to see more of you! ~Heather

  2. I don't mind the baby-sitting, but I shudder when people ask, "So when are you having kids?" So not ready for that. Just the thought of it makes me nervous...

  3. Stopping by from the blog hop! Running out of booze...eep. We're almost there ourselves.