Thursday, May 6

I always fail Cinco de Mayo.

I just sneezed 5 minutes ago.  But as I'm still on the tail-end of my antibiotics for the mucus and such, I had a string of snot fly onto my pajama shirt.  Hot.

I'm in bed...still...lounging, blog stalking...which is taking exponentially longer now that I have all these other awesome blogs to read.  (Seriously, blog idea. ever!)  In fact, I have so many tabs open in Google Chrome they're just grey tabs.  No space for words.  Blog addiction?  Nah.  Okay, maybe.

But let's talk about last night.  And how this is the third Cinco de Drink-o in a row that I've not made it to.  Last night, I got out of work at 8pm - which is right where I wanted to be.  Drove home, prayed/found parking, then walked my weary body home.  I didn't even check the mail.  I just didn't care that there could be a million dollar check in there for me.  Unless it's a free footrub, I'm over it.

Mr. Wookie and I did our usual routine.  "What do you want for dinner?"  He wasn't really hunger.  Neither was I.  I was just pooped.  A great day though.  Excellent Awards Ceremony and Reception (thus my getting out of work late).  I poured some granola into a Chobani greek yogurt and called it dinner.  Mr. Wookie was on his second third Scotch, so that was his dinner.  Come 9:40pm, I called the need for sleep.  And zonk I did.

This morning's alarm came way to early for someone whose feet are still barking from last night.  Even though I had my Naturalizers on, I still developed some new blisters from the constant being on my feet.  So thank goodness today is a desk day.  Poor pups can't handle back-to-back events.  I mean they can.  But it's not pretty.

I'm making a stand.  This weekend will be just us.  Just sleep.  Just relaxation.  No random trips.  And NO couch sleepers.  And no one to judge me for going to be before 10pm on a Friday night.  My battery needs to recharge still.  Although this freshly ground Kona coffee is trying.

And as much as I'd love to read the rest of the new posts, I just don't have time.  So until that trust fund shows up that I so desire, it's crunching out getting ready for work.  I have 30 minutes.  I can do it.  It may not be the prettiest.  But I was at work until 8pm, I totally have a good excuse.

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  1. I like the sound of your weekend plans. I think I need to try the same thing!