Wednesday, May 26

Screw you Draft Blogger and your inability to upload pictures tonight!

So you don't get the intended upload and commentary tonight because of Blogger being st00pid.

Bad Blogger.

I guess I'll just ramble at you now.

Thank goodness it's Wednesday because I'm dying for this damn 3-day weekend to get here.  The Wookie & Co household will be hosting 2 visitors this weekend.  One Mr. Wookie's Dad and one Mr. Wookie's Grandmoose.  We last saw them back in December when we were hooting and tooting Mr. Wookie's Winging.  So I'm in work mode once again trying to figure out what to do with them this weekend.  Besides frequenting our watering hole.  Of course.

It's less than 2 weeks until I land in the free, the spacious, the beautiful State of Oregon.  It's been since early October I made it back to Oregon and I'm STOKED.

Right now we're watching Casino Royale.  Mr. Wookie can't fall asleep without a movie playing.  And I can't go to bed without visions of hot men in my mind.  Daniel Craig it is.  That and Puck from Glee wasn't a bad way to start the night.  I love my life.

Thursday will be a long/tough day at work, so a coworker and I might be hitting up Guad's (Mexican food) after work.  There's just something about margaritas that make the day right.  Let's hope I don't have to call the Mr. Wookie Taxi for a ride home.  That and I have 2 miles to log tomorrow, so I need to be good.

Speaking of miles, the 8K is coming up in about 4 weeks.  And I haven't been training like I should.  I seem to be slacking through this race's training.  Listen, I totally completed a Half Marathon on piss-poor training.  An 8K is nothing.  True.  But still, I need to be back in the saddle and working towards that New Year's Resolution.  500 miles will NOT run themselves.

I'm still searching for a race to run while hodge-podging through England and Scotland this summer.  The only hang up is that we don't have our exact itinerary scheduled out yet.  So technically we can work around any race I find.  Let's hope i can find one!

And speaking of England and Scotland, does anyone know anyone/read any blogs from the land over the pond?  We'll be landing in Heathrow (duh!), then moseying up to Nottingham, Glasgow, and Edinburgh, along with other cities along the way.  I need connections.  Places to eat, things to see, people to avoid, etc.  If you're awesome traveled and can hook a Ging up....please do so!

Can we just fast forward to the part when Daniel Craig emerges from the ocean in his little shorts???

I need to acquire more Glee songs.  I'm pretty sure that'll help me keep my rhythm while running the same routes over and over again around the city.  That and the perma-image of Puck in my mind after last night's episode.

So I don't know if I told you, but we've switched over to Kona coffee in the house...and are IN LOVE.  The bad thing is...I get super depressed when my travel mug goes empty after I've been at work.  There's no way that the Starbucks or Columbian can dare compete.  It's like comparing Birkenstocks with...well...plastic bags.

Speaking of plastic bags, I have a New Year's Resolution for next year already.  Now, are you ready????  No ziplocs for a year. And I think I can do it.  I have enough glass "Tupperware" and reusable containers that I shouldn't need to use those little baggies for awhile.  Marinating chicken?  Big ass glass container.  Half-eaten apple?  Reusable fruit container.  I do have some time to tweak my preparations, but I think it'd be a good one.

But until then, it's almost 10pm and this Ging needs her sleep.  Two wake-ups until it's Friday.  Amen.

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