Sunday, May 16

My weekend totally beats the crap outta your honor student.

Now let me rub my weekend in your face.  Because I can.  And I will.  Because it's rare that my weekends amount to anything more than kickin' it with my roommate, Netflixing it up, and rocking pajamas on Sundays.

So what's better?  Spending $45 for a 60-minute pedicure...or spending $50 for a lavender mani/pedi that lasts a luxurious hour and a half.

And oh darn, a glass of Pinot Grigio...twist my arm.

And you know how you get the brain-numbin' woosh over your scalp when the massage starts...well a glass of wine totally doubles that.  And it's the best idea ever.  I'll have to start packing a flask when I go to places that don't offer wine.  Because that sensation can cure cancer.  Or at least make you feel amazing while going through chemo.

...Friday's festivities segued into a fun-packed Saturday.

Saturday's scheduled involved the annual Beer Festival in Hampton Roads, Virginia.  For some, it's Drunk Fest '10.  For us, it's the chance to have the great beers come to the area.  And by great beers, I mean...

Thanks to Aveeno sunscreen SPF 70 I didn't burn.  Two layers.  Some others did.  Thanks to pacing myself through my first 3 beers of 9.2%, 9.4%, and 10.2%, I didn't have any issues.  Some others did.  There were a few individuals passed out.  In the park.  In public.  With law enforcement closing in.  And I was dying for these 2 muscle heads to brawl it out.  There was pushing, there was shoving, there was name calling, and there was a Ging cheering them on from 20 feet away.  Because nothing is more exciting than watching 2 highly intoxicated brutes pound it out.

The only thing disappointing about the weekend was this movie. it for Netflix.  Not even being residually buzzed could have made this entertaining.  Sorry Cate and Russy.  Not your finest.


  1. I love having wine with my pedicures!!

  2. A mani/pedi is sounding awfully good right about now!

    My little pickle is growing up!

    Yeah, I pretty much thought that movie was going to bomb.

    I need a pedicure. Though, the doc today told me my toes look gorgeous.