Wednesday, May 12

Jesus rode shotgun this morning on my commute. He hearts my state too.

This morning, my stomach wasn't easy.  I was on "E" since Tuesday sometime.  And I knew I needed gas.  But after getting out of work early yesterday (for a change), I just wanted to cruise home, pour a glass of wine, scrounge some dinner, and hit the hay.  So I didn't gas up.  "Oh, I'll gas up tomorrow."  Hahhahaahaha, I didn't.

So this morning, I was praying/thinking/streaming consciousness...

Please don't run outta gas.  Please don't run outta gas.  Please don't run outta gas.  We're at the bridge, a quarter down.  Keep going.  Keep going.  You can make it.  Okay, so if I do run outta gas, what are my options?  Wook?'s asleep...a.) he won't hear his phone ring, b.) he has the day c.) probably a cab.  Not that I've ever taken a cab.  That's gross.  Unless it's Ben Bailey.  Then we're on.  Or Andy Hillstrand.  But that's another story....Ooooo, I can see my building.  10 minutes out...I can do traffic...DAMMIT, RED LIGHT.  This is burning my precious fuel.  And I can't gun it because that'll kill my gas more.  Oh, gas station is in SIGHT!  Almost...almost...THERE!!!  Score.  $30-something down.

Thanks Jesus for turning water into Petrol.  Much appreciated.

Anyways, onto the important issues.  My beloved State of Oregon.  Home of the...well...hippies.  Us and Vermont.  But Vermont's like the size of a county.  So it doesn't count.  But that doesn't detract from my still wanting to visit there.

Based out of Eugene, Oregon, Yogi Tea is a hippie tea that focuses in varying needs of the body.

My personal favorite: The Immunity-Support Echinacea tea.  It's so good, there's no need for sugar.  De-lic-ious.  I definitely look forward to any and all throat tickles indicating a possible-impending illness, because I get to indulge in this bad-ass concoction.  And then there are the rare times when I'll drink it even when I'm not feeling sick.  Because I feel like indulging.  Because I can.

You should be able to find this is any grocery store/supermarket in the tea aisle.  It's in the pretty square boxes that just scream, "Ging!"  I suggest you check out the stash...if not anything, because of my free, shame-less promotion of my state.  And the hopes that more people can learn the ways of the West Coast.

The only downside...the price.  But I base out that it's shipped from a medium-sized city in Oregon, out to the bustlin' hub-bub of the Eastern Seashore.  That and the call for hippieness isn't loud on this shore.  Yet.  I have faith in this coast.  Just not a lot.

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  1. ok, i know i just left a comment a little while ago. but i just saw this post and yogi tea!!!! i LOVE yogi tea! i drink their pregnancy tea and i adore it! it's delicious and it has become my after-dinner treat every night, ha ha!