Saturday, May 8

Welcome back you swamp-like East Coast summer weather.

Ever spent a summer on the East Coast, or in the South, or anywhere not on the Best West Coast?

Sweaty. balls.

And it's back.  And I have mixed feelings on the matter.  This winter was a cold one.  I think I had skin cells that hitchhiked to Mexico, it was so cold.  So to be out of the cold, I'm wondering Is it worth it?

I make the 6 block walk to get my brows waxed this morning, and I about had heat stroke.  It was SWELTERING.  And barely 10:45am.  So when I made it back, near death, and on the brink of mental breakdown (seeing as it's just only May, and we still have June, July, deal with - who wants to stab me now?), I pleaded my case to not make to the Wine Festival this weekend.  Last year we went and I got pink.  And it wasn't near this warm.  So for the sake of my skin, I'd like to stay in.  And thankfully for Mr. Wookie's headache, he felt the same.

So we get to stay in.  Yay.  Because no one wants to dehydrate from both wine consumption and heat stroke.  That just sounds like a bad romance novel.  One where the EMT who gives you mouth-to-mouth has cold sores and a lisp, lives in his mom's spare bedroom, and is the exact OPPOSITE of Prince Charming.

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  1. I'm having the same thoughts... and I'd definitely prefer to have the cold back. Or to be back in Monterey, where it's a pleasant 65ish degrees most of the year. I'm not cut out for humidity and temps over 80.