Saturday, May 29

For some reason I love waking up early on the weekends. Maybe because I don't have to go to work.

Yesterday was...

National 'Wear Sunscreen' Day

Obviously I am a huge advocate of this because a.) I'm a redhead, b.) I'm awesome, c.) sunburns hurt like a bitch, and d.) they're only acceptable after Half Marathons in March when the weather is perfect for imbibing on the beach.  And the burn was only one part of my shin.  That's it.  AMAZING!

Anyways, back to this Memorial Day weekend shit...

I know I shouldn't, but I like the weekend more because it's a 3-day break from the monotony of adulthood.  No early catering pick-ups, no late nights cleaning, no suit, no name badges, no tech support, no late lunch deliveries (this meeting was not coordinated by your truly), and no coming home drained.

I wish I could be up in the District for the Ride to the Wall.  We have a security guard who's participating, again.  Something like 200,000 Hogs screaming their way through the Mall with police escort.  Badass.  I wish we could be up there, camped out on the Mall's Lawn, hibachi grill and picnic, watching all the action.  That'd be an amazing sight to see.

But for now, we have guests in town that need our love and attention around the city.  So I've set my alarm to be up, and coffee'd, and ready to join them for breakfast.  Hotel accommodations = continental breakfast.  SCORE!

So in honor of this weekend's true meaning, we'll be touring the MacArthur Memorial, the USS Wisconsin, and anything else the gang wants to do this weekend.

And just don't drink and drive.  You may hit a curb and spill your beer.

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