Friday, May 14

I'm going to lounge and ramble at you while I enjoy cup of coffee #2.

Slurp.  Jealous?  Because I'd be.  It's 10:21am...and I'm not in work clothes.  In fact, I'm lounging on the couch, blanket on the legs, laptop roaring, ready for the day.  Not that I have lots planned.  But in theory, I do.

I'm researching spas/salons right now because I feel that I need to thank my feet for their work last night.  I woke up this morning still a little sore in the legs, hips, and feet.  I should have worn a pedometer last night.  But then again, I don't really want to know what I put my body through. Job satisfaction is good enough for me.

I did a pass by the used bookstore this morning to check their Friday hours.  They open at 1pm.  Suck.  I need literature.  I'm bored with what I have. That and I'm hoping to find more cookbooks.  Because I love cookbooks.  And I'm trying to up my creativity in the kitchen.  Otherwise I'll starve during deployments.

Sorry, I just had a coworker call to check up on me.  She's uber jealous I'm planning on a pedicure today.  Because my little babies need it.  Well, the toenails need it.  And the massage isn't a bad deal either.  And why not?  But I'll see her tomorrow.  Because I have cool coworkers like that.

But I'm actually not in too bad of shape for working all day yesterday.  And I genuinely feel bummed for not being at work.  There's always stuff to do.  Whether it's organizing my pantry or prepping for next week's seminar and [another] cocktail reception.  But here's a secret...I totally brought my calendar book and work for next week home with me.  So I can't promise I won't be working a little at home.  At least I'll be thinking of work while at home.  But only for a moment.  And probably on Sunday evening.  Because I do need time to myself.

Speaking of time to myself, Mr. Wookie's gone in to study for a few hours today which leaves me time to crank the Taylor Swift and clean/laundry it up.  There's just something about utilizing a free day, off from work, and putting your home back into working order.  Because, as you may not have guessed, working long days leaves my house looking a mess.  Because I come home, scrounge dinner, have a beverage, and would rather fall asleep on the couch than lug my butt upstairs to sleep in a real bed.  Yes, I feel like I'm 17 sometimes, back when couch sleeping was the epitome of lazy.

But I still have half a cup of coffee next to me.  And I can't abandon it.

On my trek to the bookstore, I saw a mom pushing a stroller.  I don't want to be that mom.  I don't want to be the mom that squishes a kid out at 39.  I don't want to be so old that people think it's your grandkid.  I don't want to have more wrinkles than they have baby fat rolls.  I don't want that.  But then again, I don't want to be 26 with 5 kids.  Talk about needing to find a hobby other than entertaining pheromones.  I don't want to be tripping on my sagging lady bits because they've been under so much duress.  I don't want my uterus to protest outside the capital building for birth control reform.  Because they'll probably have a run-in with an Intern.

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