Monday, May 10

How KEEN are you?

For those travel enthusiasts, there are exactly 30 days until VIVA OREGON!  And with that, I'm launching a campaign to cover the 15 most-known-about Oregon-based companies that you should adore/oogle/marry.  Because everyone should be proud of their home state and try to pimp their goods.  Unless you're from Mississippi, because I can't think of anything that comes from there.

So in honor of the family vacation this summer to England and Scotland, our first pimp-out is Keen Footwear, Inc.  Because who likes blisters from crappy shoes when they're vacationing in foreign lands?

Never worn an ergonomic shoe?  You're missing out.  Ergo shoes are insanity.  They're built to support the foot as opposed to being shoddy work with just a celebrity name on it (i.e. Jessica Simpson = absolute crap!).  Your knees won't ache, your hips won't'll be like walking in a cloud.  And ergo shoes have come a LONG way since your grandmother's day.  Because nursing home fashions are so 1956.

These cute little shoes are my latest oogling on  I'm in search of a cute, non-super-lesbian walking shoe while touring England/Scotland this summer.  And because their weather isn't always so South Beach, I have a feeling I'll be needing more than just flippy floppies.  And I love the deep, hot pink.

So like I said, KEEN is based out of Oregon.  Portland to be exact.  And who lives in Portland?  Baby Sister in fact!  And where am I flying into on June 9th?  Portland.  So what shoe store is a short hop away?  KEEN!  (Tired of the questions yet?  Haha, there's another one!).

I just don't know if I can hold out though. TWSS.  I may just buy them online.  Because I'm itchy like that.  And who doesn't like to come home to a box at your doorstep.  It's like Christmas in July May.


  1. Super yummy shoes! I may just have to join you in getting a pair!

  2. OMG. I want.

    Those kick purple shoes in the ass and then spit on them a few times.

  3. these shoes are too cute!

    i left you a little something at my blog :)