Sunday, May 2

Thanks to this weekend my internal clock is all off and I'm still up!

Friday evening was superb.  What was supposed to be a dinner with Mr. Wookie and a friend, turned into the friend getting drunk (independently) and ditching us for our plans.  So date night it was!  We hit up the quaint Eastern European eatery a couple blocks away, while sharing a romantic bottle of Hungarian wine.  I indulged in some insane veal cordon bleu (while saving half for lunch this week at work), and staved off the feelings for dessert.  Because no one likes a bloated, pregnant-looking stomach in a sleek pencil skirt.  This is date night after all, not a babymoon.

But then date night turned typical night.  We stopped by our watering hole for a nightcap, when who do we run into.  Drunk friend.  Still drunk.  Looking to drink more.  Why sure, we'd love to join your table.  Nevermind our stylish duds and desire to gaze longingly into each others' eyes (just kidding - because barf!).

So in the couple hours we spent being entertained by someone who had been drinking since this afternoon, I imbibed in a vodka tonic and a beer.  The only thing that could have been better is that the live music could have known more Elton John.  He only had one song in his repertoire.  Really???  One song?  And it's "Daniel?"  Lame.  Next time up your ante.

Saturday we loaded up for an afternoon at the beach.  Mr. Wookie hates the beach.  I love the beach.  Because Oregon's beaches are cold as balls, and this is a welcome change.  And it's not that I wanted to lay out and crispy my skin.  I just wanted to a.) get the hell outta the house (I get cabin fever sometimes), and b.) we haven't hit the beach this year at all and the weather has been great.

Little did he know this scowl would return.  Just at we're coming up on Base Entry, he realizes his ID isn't in his wallet.  Cue cursing.  So on base we didn't go.  Back to the civilian neck of the beach.

But before we got there, we had to gaggle the copious amount of ROTC students.  Oh, ROTC.  The memories of it all.  The musters, the PRTs, the Balls, the Northwest Navy competitions, the inspections, the projects, the Commissionings, and the friendships.  Not that I was in ROTC.  That's just where Mr. Wookie and I begin.  Good times!

Yes, I know, I need skin tone.  And yes, I know, that's like asking Casper to change his complexion.  So after about 15 minutes on the beach (that's all I needed), we went in search of lunch.  I was super in the mood for a salad.  Yes, a salad.  Aka rabbit food.  Aka produce.  Aka delicious.  So to Baker's Crust we went.  And documentation wasn't allowed because I didn't give myself time to get the camera out.  It. was. gone.

After lunch, we hit up Total Wine to add to our supply.  $50 later, these puppies came home with us.  And no, this is not a normal expenditure in the Wookie & Co. house.  We were kinda hoping to make up the Date Night turned not-so-Date-Night by having a cheese and wine fest on the couch while watching a movie (thus the white wine).  A Chilean Malbec and a sweet Shiraz just-so-happened into our arms too.  And the 30th anniversary beer of Sierra Nevada.  And a Navy-inspired Heavy Seas Imperial Stout.  Woops.

And Happy May Day/Derby Day!  We didn't tune into the under-two-minutes-worth-of-excitement.  TWSS.  I actually complete forgot it was yesterday until today.  Goes to show I'm not a horse racing fan.  That and if they have to kill another horse on the track, I'd probably lose it and join PETA's campaign.  Okay, just kidding on that last part.  I actually did look into working there (since they're stationed out of Norfolk), but the whole adherence to a vegan lifestyle just doesn't work for us.  We're proud omnivores here.

But enough of the blogging, since it's almost Midnight!  Good night!


  1. Oh My goodness! I found you through the blog hop and felt like I reading about my own life in this post (well except replace the Northwest bits with Upstate New York...) Can't wait to read more!

  2. It's nice to know I'm not the only one with a Casper-like complexion around here. SPF 50 is an integral part of all my outdoor activities. ;-P