Friday, May 21

Coffee tastes so much better on days off.

But unfortunately that's not the case this week.  Should I be off?  Yes.  But I'm not.

So welcome to the bitter party.

Angry Ging, Party of 1.  Your table next to Beelzebub's is ready now.

My coffee is only "eh" since I was up way too early this morning.  And it's not like I had plans today.  I just had the opposite of plans.  Lounge around and enjoy my day.  And maybe hit up the damn used bookstore I couldn't make it to last week.  And there's blogging to do.  Because we've had some new arrangements surrounding a technological death that occurred last week.  AND I don't get to enjoy the concert tonight.  I WILL NOT be having a romantic evening with Future Husband #4 this evening.

Future Husband #4

Because who wants to listen to this complain halfway through the opening act?  Who's Darius Rucker by the way.  You know, "Hootie."  But no Blowfish.  Because he's a "country" star now.  Mmhmmmm....

But I would like to thank EVERYONE and their excellent ideas for Middle Sister's graduation next month.

I just want to lick it, it's so pretty.

I will say that the KitchenAid will not be the Graduation present though.  Because I can't contribute one to a  family member until I HAVE ONE FIRST.  Yes, I'll be biting the pricey bullet...probably next year.  Because that's my timeline for this beauty.  It's not a priority, considering I don't have a fantastically large kitchen to bake in nor the trust fund needed to solely stay at home and bake with said KitchenAid.  So until then, I'll lick the screen.  Anyone have those electronics wipes so I can get the streaks off my laptop?

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