Tuesday, June 1

Please don't let me be sick. Dammit.

It started mid-afternoon.  The faint hint of sneezing.  Then more sneezing.  Then some post-nasal drip.  Then a runny nose.  Then a slightly annoyed throat.  And throw in some sinus pressure.

I'm thinking allergies.

I'm hoping allergies.

This better be freakin' allergies.

So I had an orange juice at work.  Then I made a screeching halt into the Vitamin Shoppe for more trusty elderberry extract.  2 bottles.  One for work, one for home.  Because you can never be too safe.

Then I popped 2 Costco-version of Allegra.  Then 8 chewable Vitamin Cs.  Mega-Dose.

And after dinner, I had a hefty Screwdriver.  Because a post-5pm orange juice better be interesting.

So I'm sucking on throat lozenges now, with my sinuses feeling better, and just hoping I wake up feeling chipper as a jaybird.  Because I have a luncheon on Thursday, and can't afford to be sick until after the event.  And even then, who wants to be sick on a Friday?

And I know I've failed massively in my quest of enlightening all y'all on Oregon's best things.  Maybe I'll get back on that gravy train...considering I have just a week until I trek back to the Land of Awesome.

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