Sunday, March 21

13 things learned on 13 miles.

1.)  It'll be cold on race mornings.  Now you know to wrap yourself in trash bags.  These are a cheap fix that you won't mind ditching 1.5 miles into the race.

2.) Write a letter to Pepto Bismol saying how much you enjoy popping 2 tabs before a Half Marathon.  Not only do they save you from having to use the port-a-potties mid-race, but you miss out on the post-race "issues" that plague others.

3.) A mild sunburn on your left shin is a welcome war wound from trudging through 13 miles for 3 freakin' beers on the amazing beach of Virginia. Yes, I just said that.  Oregon's coast are great for Goonies re-creations.  Not really lounging with your bestest enjoying your recent athletic endeavor.

4.) I definitely thanked every volunteer who handed me water.  They deserved it.  They didn't have to be there.  I'll return the favor soon.

5.) Running "gu's" are disgusting.  It tasted like bile in my mouth.  Not the best taste at 6.5 miles.

6.) Before the race, use the restroom.  But pocket some of that toilet paper because after the race, it'll be in short supply.

7.) Not everyone finishes.  Be proud in that fact.

8.) Mommy McD could totally handle a Full Marathon.

9.) Don't sit down in the shower after the race as you clean up for going out for dinner.  You won't get back up.  And yelling for help, naked on the shower stall floor is not glamorous.

10.) After running a Half Marathon, 2 beers get you buzzed.  3 get you very happy.  And 4 is just icing on the cake.

11.) For the rest of the day, your racing medal is the perfect accessory.

12.) It's not about the body type, it's about what's inside the body.

13.) Thank you Dillard's for the heavy-industrial bra.  I don't know what I would have done without it.

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