Wednesday, March 17

The St. Patty's Day of Bad Decisions

I have to be in at 8am tomorrow. In a suit. For like my 3rd day in a row. Not excited. Can you tell? Can you? Can you?

So I intended to come home, eat some dinner, have a glass of red wine, and do some laundry because I'm having a house guest for the next 4 days and this place is a trainwreck de-railed by a pack of Girls Scout cookie-selling suicide bombers.

But now I'm being talked into going out for just one drink at our watering hole. Because one drink totally won't turn into 2 drinks, which totally won't have me coming home past 10pm on a work night. Because I love getting less that 8.5 hours of sleep. While a drunken wookie snores next to me.

Score one for the Evil Ashley on my shoulder. Totally kicking Angel Ashley's ass of my other shoulder. Oh well...someone has to win. Besides, Dr. Sheriff totally advocates hydration. I have to listen to Dr.'s orders!

******************* Edited to Add **********************

I'm home.  After one drink.  One green drink.  A Jamie on the rocks.  That's Jameson for the laymen.  Amateurs.  And a tuna po-boy.  With a side salad.  Because healthiness is important.  Har.

Happy St. Patty's Day to all!  Hope your nights are far more superior than my one-drink outing.  Cheers.  Prost.  Chin chin.

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