Friday, March 19

Conversations with a HYPOCRITE

Ugh....breathe, I had the following conversation yesterday.

Preface: I was training someone at work yesterday for part of the morning...

Woman: So are you married?
Me: Nope.  But I have my boyfriend, and we're basically common-law'd so I'm good.

Yes, it's true.  While we're not actually married, we've been together so long that others we know have dated/gotten married/gotten divorced in the same timeframe.  We like to think we're Golden Hawn and Kurt Russell.  Or for those modernists, Marshall and Lilly.  And for those thinking I'm stealing the "Mrs" title prematurely, it's a nickname.  Try being the long-running relationship in college/now out of college.  Nicknames stick.  That and we're awesome.  Tangent ended.

Woman: You should get married.  There's just something about marriage, you're so much more committed.
Me: Yea, that's true.  My parents have been married for 30-something years.
Woman: See that's how it is, you just stick together.
Me: Yea, but the divorce rate is at 40% (yes, it depends on which research you quote), so I don't know...
Woman: True, but relationships come and go.
Me: Yes, and if that's the case, I pack my bags and hit the road.
Woman: I've been married twice.  I can't wait to get married again.

I had no rebuttal.  I think the sound of my jaw echo'd in the room.  I just don't know what to say about it.  Obviously marriage is a hot topic today.  I could stand on my soapbox.  I could proclaim my opinions in the matter.  But I think the moral of the story is, Can I get some ice?  For my chin...because that fall was something amazing.


  1. Ugg I get this all the time too. Example of convo;

    THEM: Are you two talking about getting married.

    ME: *Blank stare* No. Why?

    THEM: Well, are you planning to get married soon?

    ME: *blank stare* Why? We bought a house together a year ago. I think 200+ thousands of dollars in debt is a pretty steep commitment.

    THEM: True... but are you going to get married soon?

    ME: *punches them in the face*

    Why do people think it is ANY of their business?

    Solidarity sister.

  2. Wow! I would have to say you know more about marriage (or a committed relationship) then that woman! I would have asked her what is the point of getting married if you are just going to get divorced?! My parents also have been married for 30 years. Isn't that amazing? So when will you two get married? Just had to ask. Sara

  3. Yay, Hi Sara!! I was trying to figure out who the new commenter was. Welcome, welcome.

    Yes, this woman was beyond trying to wrap my little brain around. I don't think she quite understood the practicing to her preaching. Thank goodness she was a temp and not a full-time coworker.

    And what I call the $10,000 question: When will I get married? Umm, before I'm 30. We'll see. I'm comfortable in my successful relationship at the moment. I guess I'm going for the philosophy: If it ain't broke...

  4. I am still flabberghasted (flabbergasted?) at this one. This chic needs to lay off the cocaine.