Tuesday, March 30

Sometimes I think my stomach would rather eat other organs than wait until after Tuesday yoga to have dinner.

Do you know how hard is it to not have a beverage immediately after work???  I think I might die.  Or go into a dehydration-based coma.  This isn't pretty people.  The things I do for my health (Half Marathons, yoga, 8+ hours of sleep).  You'd think my stomach/liver would understand.  They must be men.

And tomorrow's not any better.  Not only is Zumba not until 8pm (die!), but I have to be at work until 6pm (umm...money!).  Again.  No beverage.  This kills me.  No, it's not a dependency.  It's a relaxing technique.  Otherwise I my blow a gasket when I come home.  Decompression is a must.  And I usually find sanctity in Sailor Jerry.  Because the Navy knows best.  Or at least, I let them pretend they do. ;)

Then there's Thursday.  Sometime that day and through the weekend, we're hosting more visitors to the great state of the VA.  But more on that later when it occurs.  Because I could totally preface the logistics, but it'll be better via blog.  That and I'm not sure how things will turn out, and I'd rather not disappoint my readers.  But we'll see if it's better than the time I convinced 2 people to box naked.  Oh, did I fail to mention that?  Actually, I didn't.  I had a blogpost totally written up about it, in explicit detail, but Mr. Wookie didn't think it kosher to print such a story.  So I didn't.  But yes, it was completely insane.  And yes, I'm thinking of a career in politics because of my ability to talk people into anything.  You're welcome.

And for those who need more Little Man in your life (which I can't blame you)...

Mama Ging wanted his "Touchdown Beavers" photo up on the blog.  Enjoy.

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