Thursday, March 11

Today: Brought To You By Funk.

Today was just funk. All day funk. Complete funk. Don't-mess-with-me funk.

It happened before lunch. Continued through lunch. Took over the afternoon. Continued after work. And stopped when I made a hefty Absolut and tonic.

Then I had a burger for dinner. No, not 5 Guys. Sadly.

And I'm on my second Absolut and tonic.

Funk is a dangerous game. And alcohol is the name of the game. Cheers.


  1. The Sheriff says.... Just focus on those 5 days in June on the right coast. Clod's is calling, Murphy's is on the list as well. After that just a few days and the UK comes calling. Blokes.

  2. Word. I'm right there with ya in the funk.

    We're out of ice cream here in the Navy house, so I think I may opt for your solution... spirits!

    P.S. I'm gonna need your running advice or training suggestions, as I'm NOT a runner in any sense of the word, and I'd really rather not die on the Golden Gate Bridge this summer ;)