Thursday, March 4

Finally, Over Halfway to Friday

Did you know you can bruise your palm by excessive 3-hole punching?

- I learned this the fun way, while filing at work, and after punching about 2 reams of paper, realized, "Wow, this might leave a mark."

And did you know I can actually stay up to 11:30pm on a work night?

- I found this out last night as I kept trolling online for anything to entertain me, before realizing that it's 2 hours past my bedtime. I hope I don't pay too much for last night's lack of sleep. My first cup of coffee at the office should taste mighty fine.

And who scored 2 new suits in her shopping endeavors from last night?

- This Ging right here. I tried to find pictures online to show off my latest wardrobe additions. But I couldn't. So, it looks like Model Ging may come out to play this afternoon.

And what's on the running schedule tonight?

- The standard Thursday 5 miles.

And what were my thoughts when I saw on Facebook that someone I know just signed up for a full marathon?

- You're nuts. Do you have any idea? But good luck with that. Ya, not me.


  1. I think a half marathon is nuts. Just sayin'... :) Changed my blog name.

  2. Yes, we're nuts. At one point, it was a great idea. Then reality sets in after 6, 7, 8, 9 miles each Sunday. I like the shorter distances. Much easier on my body.

    And I look forward to all the bloggin' on moving back West. We give 4 thumbs way up from the Wookie & Co. loft.

  3. It was Courty, huh? Yeah she is nuts. She did a half like a year ago, so I'm guessing she wants to achieve more? Who knows....