Friday, March 19

Happy Packet Pick-Up Day!

Who's excited for a Friday of NOT being at work???  This blogger RIGHT HERE!

Today I spent the day toiling around the house, doing a little housework, and a little out-and-about-playing alone.

Ya, this is our "dining room table" - here it's strewn with wine glasses, a soup lid, and my laptop. Because blogging is important.  Duh.

Again, my "office" is a hole.  I really need a desk.  But we just don't have the space.  But guess where I'm blogging from right now.  This chair.  With a heaping vodka tonic on my chair.

Maybe my New Year's Resolution should have been to be cleaner.  Maybe...

But on to more important things, today was PACKET PICK-UP DAY.  Sunday is THE race day for our Half Marathon.  Training long done, today is the day for pick up our supplies and swag for efforts.  Score one for the been-bitten-with-the-running-bug buddies.

We have packet pick-up papers!  Gimme my number!  Bitch!

This the Charlie Foxtrot of a parking lot.  And this was right after they opened.  On a Friday afternoon.  Geez, people, don't you have jobs!?

Convention Center time!  So excited!  Let's hope this excitement continues through to Sunday, through race time, and afterwards as I'll pound beer like they're going out of style.

Hippie love for the hybrid/electric cars.  And Mr. Wookie doesn't find the need to take a picture of this sign.  I like to document the hippieness outside of Oregon.

My number!  I wonder if there's a way to track my progress online.  If so, I'm sure the Sheriff will figure something out.  He always does.

Can you see that?  The final number of the 8K??  24,000 runners?  Are you kidding me?  That's going to be a mess.

My motto.  My absolute motto.  I'm a drinker with a running problem.

We have our packets!!  Score!!!  And I was able to pick up Mommy McD's packet also without a hitch.  Good.  Because no one wants an angry Ging.


So I went to Dick's Sporting Goods today and scored some Nike Dri-Fit tops.  I was going to wear the green shirt on Sunday, buuuuuut I'm not really feeling the green color.  It's a hard color for a Beaver grad to swallow.  So I may rock the watermelon color.  We'll see.

In case I need some energy on those hefty miles.  Wait, I mean, when I need some energy on those hefty miles.  It's 13.1 miles...who are we kidding???

This is my swag shirt from the Expo.  And I realize it's kinda hard to read while I take a picture in the mirror.  But you'll figure it out.  Because it's me.  Der.

And for Mommy McD, this hot pink shirt courtesy of Women's Running in Florida.

And today was amazing because it was Chaco weather!!!  Hello ladies...

Lunch anyone?

And in case you were wondering about the post-race festivities...

And for those who need a close-up of these bad boys.  It's love.  Pure love.

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  1. Kick ass on Sunday! Can't wait to read the full report next week :)