Saturday, March 13

Saturday, Ging Style...

This morning brought to you by a typical Saturday morning up at 7:30am, as a chipper piece of shit. And yes, Mr. Wookie slept his ass in until much later. Shocking.

Too bad Mr. Wookie's morning started like this. Breakast ala Ibuprofin.

But it's okay, because Mr. Friendly decided to Vogue for the camera. He's our yellow-bellied slider. And the hornieriest of the 3 turtles. He'll literally swim back and forth on the front glass until you feed him. His nickname is Jabba the Turtle.

But with the weather being oh-so-glorious today, it's time to dust off Lipton's Cold Brew. Ahhhhh. This reminds me of summers back in Hometown, Oregon, grabbing a glass of iced tea and stealin' some time in the Sheriff's hammock.

And after poking around in the freezer for some lunch, I figured these bad boys could use some defrosting. I think they're pumpkin raisin. But I could be wrong. I also may think they're vegan. But again, memory is slipping me on this one.

This ledge is way to convenient of a place to drape clothes as I change into either running gear or pajamas. Plus, laying a suit over this totally prevents wrinkles. Usually. Sometimes. It can.

I need to clean up my workspace. But a cluttered desk is a clean mind, right? Or do I have that wrong?

One of the highlights of my job is the flowers. How would someone not like free??

Mr. Wookie felt it necessary to indulge in an adult beverage today while playing Ruse.

And yes, it's homemade. Because we're badasses like that. Okay, I didn't make any of the beer. But I bought the kit. That totally counts.

And AGAIN, he attacks my precious hard-boiled eggs and turns them to canvas. I swear, how many more eggs will succumb to his artistry? It's like graffiti.

And it's that time again. Time to wash bottles for beer. Mr. Wookie has his third batch to bottle this weekend. A Hefeweizen this time. Should be tasty. We'll let you know.

And it went from gorgeous and 70+ degrees outside, to pouring down but still sunny. It felt like Hawaii. Because the one time we were there, they had the worst rainstorm in many moons. But we rolled with it. Because we're Oregonians. And that's just how badass we are.

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