Wednesday, March 24

The Yuengling Shamrock Half!

It was difficult at times.  If it wasn't, everybody would run one.  But it was also super fun. Otherwise, no one would run one.  Der.  Pre-race, I was gearing for a 2:30-2:35 mark.  Hitting under 2:30 would be incredibly stellar.  But clocking in at 2:33...still freakin' sweet.

And the crazy part.  We want to do more.

So while I wanted to take video mid-run, giving updates on the miles, I was a bit preoccupied with not barfing at 6.5 miles after trying a "Gu," passing 10 miles on a steady pace, and getting through miles 11-12.  I was very happy to see the Finish Line.  So was my liver.

But I instead put together this video with some of the clips I was able to take.  And yes, this is not a Martin Scorsese picture.  This is a Ging picture.  With plenty of room to grow. Hopefully.  Because I have more races to run!

These shirts are awesome.  We can only agree.

 Look at that grimace.

Check out our medals!

Rehydrating.  Very important.

 This is me.  Very happy to be done.


  1. The Sheriff says... Good story.

  2. Are you trying not to cry in the beginning of the video?

  3. Yes, I'll try running updates with my next race.

    And no, Katie, I wasn't crying...haha. I just don't like roller coasters. We were just VERY nervous. And we still had to wait like 10 minutes. It's like the dentist, let's start this already!