Friday, March 12

How We Became To Have 21 More DVDs

Mr. Wookie's: "So Hollywood Video is going out of business. All movies under 4 bucks. Any requests!"

I would have texted him back, but I was incredibly busy at work with a luncheon so I failed to reply with any demands. Good thing to know I fail at hostage negotiation.

So we're now the proud owners of 21 new DVDs. Yes, 2-1. Twenty one. Venti uno.

But here are the only 2 that count in my book. I feel the need for some John Krasinski action this weekend. Who's up for License to Wed and Away We Go? Any takers??

1 comment:

  1. away we go is totally is one of them at the top of my list. After Zombieland. Ergh.