Sunday, March 28

For once, I didn't spend today in pj's.

What's wrong with me?  I don't know.  Maybe I'm trying to make the most of these pesky little 2-day weekends.  Darn America and our obsession with work.

So after I saw how warm it was outside today, I knew I needed to get out.  Because yesterday barely broke 50.  And while 50 isn't 30, 70 is definitely not 50.  And these freckles won't come out for just any temperature.

So I strapped on my running shoes.  It's been exactly a week since I donned these sneakers in the chasing of a Personal Distance Record of 13.1 miles.  As you can see my D-tag still on my foot.  But the bigger (pun intended) issue, look at my legs.  It was about a week before the Half when I asked Wook if my legs were bigger.  Like a male, he doesn't think about his response and says, "Ya."  Well thanks.  Just want I want, legs that look like Serena Williams.  So here's to buffer legs.  And faster times(?).

And after my 2.5 miles of carefree, lackluster jogging (because I didn't feel like really doing anything more), I exchanged in the promise for a webcam session with Grandpa Sheriff and the Little Man.  He was pretty attentive today, minus when his lunch decided to make an encore performance.  But the Sheriff's laptop was spared, so no worries.

But now I feel a bit guilty revealing this little secret of mine...

So I totally made a gourmet dinner tonight.  I don't know where it came from, as far as the successful creativity in the kitchen, but my zucchini-asiago cheese pizza was AMAZE-balls.  Along with my side salad above, I was swimming in yummy-full-stomach.  Hopefully this creativity continues into the week so Mr. Wookie's stomach can profit also.  Maybe it's working that stresses me out/kills my creativity.  Just another reason for that trust fund...

And what's dinner without a $5/bottle of really-good-for-$5 Cabernet?

So now I've showered, pajama'd, and blogged my day.  What's next?  Trying to finish my hippie housekeeping book.  By the end of the month.  Because then I'll only be 3 books behind on my goal for this year.  Feasible?  Yes.  Possible?  Jury's still out.  I'll be betting more on the 500 miles for this year, but that's just me.  But there's still time.

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