Sunday, March 14

The Final Countdown: 1 Week

We have 6 days left. That's all. THAT'S ALL!  Thank goodness.  Because this training is seriously eating up my time.  I had no idea that training for a Half Marathon would take up so much time and energy.  How people work full-time jobs and train for multiple long-distance races is BEYOND me.  Maybe it's a good thing I enjoy the shorter runs.  And by shorter, I mean the 8Ks and 10Ks.  Yea, running has changed me.

It's our last long run before next Sunday.  I'll be tapering down to 7.5 miles today while Mr.  Wookie sticks it to 11 miles.  We'll be heading up to Old Dominion University again.  It's their "urban" collegiate campus.  And by "urban," I mean it's surrounded by ghetto.  This is our incentive for running quickly through these areas.  Breathe, breathe, I won't get shived, I won't get shived, stride, stride.

Time to lace up those sneakers.  The Pepto should be kicked in by now.

And apparently it's raining now.  Yay.  I miss my Oregon.  Rain, sweet, rain.

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