Friday, March 5

Happy Birthday To My Portland-Dwelling Sista!

The Countdown: 364 days. Until? That elusive 21st birthday. Amazing.

Here we are, pimpin' it in Mexico, on our latest family vacation of fun. We're hot.

I wish I had the motivation for a list of 20 Things To Do For Your 20th Birthday. But I don't. I'm still nursing my first cocktail. And motivation eludes me.

Instead, let's recount my 20th birthday. I don't remember it. Because it was probably super lame. Now my 21st birthday, oooooooh boy. I wish I would have been told the wise pearls of wisdom of drinks lots of Gatorade pre-bash, then nurse a bagel and Gatorade post-bash. Instead, I was nearly presumed dead in the hallway of my apartment. In just my underwear. And a blanket. Awesome.

The 20th is the last hurrah for illegal fashions.

So Baby Sister, go out, and prosper.

I did sing to her on my commute home from work. Apparently she's being taken out to dinner by her friends, which is how it should be. However, she doesn't know where she's going. So for all she knows, it could Jiggles (a strip club just south of Portland). So enjoy, Baby Sister, even if it is Bridget the Midget.

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