Tuesday, March 2

Is It Friday Yet? Or Can I At Least Sleep Until Friday?

I'm here. I meant to blog yesterday. Then, there's today's post. Which is just crap. I'm telling you that I meant to have a post much better than this, but this is what you get. I'm all about needing good chi to write, otherwise it'll be crap. This is that crap.

So let's just go ahead with a verbal vomit to round out this day.

- There are 19 days until the Half Marathon. 19 days until I deemed it necessary to run 13.1 miles for beer. Wow, did I learn nothing in college? Beer is merely a, "Someone beer me!" away.

- I went to Target this weekend and stumbled upon some yoga gloves, so I picked them up. So come the end of this Half Marathon training, I'll be back to my yoga mat. And hopefully these babies will help me stay in place on said yoga mat.

- Tonight's cocktail was brought to you by Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rum.

- Tomorrow is Wednesday, which is halfway to Friday, which is Thank You, Jesus.

- This Sunday is a 10-mile run. Yay me.

- Thank goodness there are only 2 more long runs before this Half Marathon because finding a place to use the bathroom after Mile #2 is getting difficult. Both Starbucks and Walgreen's are off the list. What's left? Rite Aid and the 7-11??

- Mommy McD is dying also from training. Yay her.

- I did the math to keep on track for 500 miles logged this year. 3 miles on Monday, 3 miles on Thursday, and 4 on Sundays. These are minimums, of course. But in all actuality, these are probably maximums.

- If you guessed that I'd be behind on my book reading, you guessed right. Maybe once the running is done with I can devote more time to the resolution. But who are we kidding? It's me we're talking about. Maybe I should just switch to Choose Your Own Adventure books. Those are short enough.

- I've still got that in-grown armpit hair. And it still doesn't hurt. But if you're bored and want to scare the crap outta yourself, just start Googling and WebMD-ing what might be wrong with you. Hypochondria, check!

- I wonder if couples who share beds ever have 2 comforters. I mean, there are sometimes I put a vice grip on the covers. And who's left in the cold? Mr. Wookie, of course.

- For those who are JCPenney's fans, there's a sale starting tomorrow. So what did I do today? I went shopping. And put everything I wanted on hold. I'll go back tomorrow and pick it up for a way better price. That's using the ol' noggin'!

- And speaking of shopping, tangerine is making a comeback in spring colors.

- And so are those awful 60's prints. Go away. We don't want you.

- And did no one tell the East Coast how tiresome/boring/overdone the black 'n white combination is? I got rid of all my black/white clothes before I jumped ship. And now that's all I can find. Apparently there's a lot of color blind people on the East Coast. Or a lot of lazy people. Either way.


  1. Europeans use two comforters (aka: Duvets. Just FYI from my neck of the woods :)

  2. Collin and I sport the two comforter system... One of his more brilliant ideas and WAY easier than fighting at 3am.