Saturday, March 6

Today's Run Brought To You By IBS, Pain, and ODU

Thank you, Google Maps for providing our layout for today's increasing mileage.

We start out at "A," the Casa de Wookie. From there, we circle around the Minor League Baseball Stadium, and back home. Total miles: 3.1. The perfect amount of miles before the thought process of needing to find a bathroom becomes Mission: Numero Uno.

From there we stroll along the residential area, aka "E."

After that, we hit the busy street of Hampton Blvd, up to Old Dominion University, and kick around the campus for a stride.

Then, we head for home, a tall glass of water, a snack, and a shower.

Total miles: 10. Amount of perspiration: Tons. Foot pain: Hopefully minimal.

We've got exactly 2 weeks people. Well, actually less than. By this time I should be multiple deep into free beer. And I imagine it'll taste spectacular. If not, there's always straight vodka. To drown the pain of the run and the lacking quality of beer. Here's to Mr. Wookie, Mommy McD, and I. May we learn that $80 for pain, beer, and swag bags may come at a higher price. Cheers.

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  1. You have my permission to reuse that.

    I don't know what we were thinking. It's been an adventure.