Wednesday, March 31

No, I'm NOT one of "those" girls.

You ask if he's enlisted.  He's not.

You ask what boat he's on.  He's not.  Technically.

You tell me I'm just like the others.  I'm not.

Yes, I may have followed him out here, because I was at the end of my rope.  Jobless, I struck East.  A chance to make it big, remove the "long-distance relationship" from my title, and have a little fun in my 20's.  Now I'm here.  And enjoying myself.  Don't try and crapshoot on my day because you think I troll for Navy Officers like a Mexican child selling "chicle" over the border in Tijuana.

I'm not.  I try to be the best partner to someone who's chosen a very difficult, demanding career.  You go home every night to your wife.  There'll be times where I come home alone for months.  But I wouldn't change it for the world.  I'd rather be in a deployed situation, than not have this boy in my life.  You know you have something solid when just an email can make you laugh, cry, miss him, but love him more.

Yes, our life is uncertain.  Where we'll be in 5 years, who knows?  But where will those friendships be that I've struck since being involved in the Navy life, they'll be there.

No, this lifestyle isn't cozy.  No, it's not glamorous.  And no, it's not envied.

But it's my life and I chose it.  I could have parted ways in college when Mr. Wookie wanted to confirm, for sure, that I knew what I was getting myself into.  A cute offer, but I didn't bite.  Even when I didn't have a clue what we got ourselves into.  But I'm stronger for it.  I know we can withstand a 7+ month time apart.  Then see each other, fall right into place, as if life didn't miss a beat.  Can you?

So judge as you will, assuming I'm just another one looking for a free ride.  Sorry to disappoint you.  But more sorry for you because you have nothing more than assumptions to base your opinions.

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