Monday, June 14

24 Hours of Oregon Freedom Left

I always hate leaving Oregon.  The state has it all.  And by "it all," I mean everything I need in life.  Beach access, hiking, snowboarding (for Mr. Wookie), fishing, snowshoeing (for the Sheriff and I), the heat (for Mama Ging), Beaver football, great beer, good people, and loads of enviro-friendly standards.

Sunday morning a slow start as I was beyond worn-out from Saturday's graduation.  I meant to be up and running around the 6am mark because Sunday is a running day.  Well, one snooze turned into waking up past 8am.  Apparently I was super tired.  Considering I feel asleep before 10pm.

We grabbed a late breakfast with the new graduates before heading back to Baby Sister's neck of the woods.

There Baby Sister was versed in barbecue usage by the Fire Marshall, Sheriff.

After the parents took over for the Southern portion of Oregon, Baby Sister and I hit up the Mecca of Yuppiefied Hippieness for groceries for Baby Sister and some snacks for my trip back home.

And a new bag just had to come home with us.  Sheriff, I'll throw a $0.99 check in the mail for you.

And before being dropped off at the airport, we needed to consume some standard Oregonian fare.

Baby Sister debating between a veggie burger or a beef burger.

 And now her turn for food porn documentation...

 Not too shabby there, Baby Sister.

It's been many moons since I've imbibed/enjoyed the tasty tots and Rubberhead of McMenamin's.  Baby Sister and I had the best seat in the courtyard at Kennedy School.  Jealous?

I think Baby Sister needs to work on how she cuts her burger in half.

I opted for the turkey sandwich and side salad, with fresh raspberry vinaigrette.  That and half the turkey sandwich will be the perfect mid-Red Eye flight meal.  This Ging is always thinking ahead.

Too bad we still had time to kill before dropping me off at the airport.

So we hit up Target.  The largest Target in Oregon.  Woot.

My red eye flight was miserable.  I didn't sleep.  At all.  And the descent down to Charlotte made me nauseous. Whether I was losing it from the lack of sleep, or extremely hungry, or just dying to be back in my own bed, I started to get shaky, sweaty, and dying to get off the plane.  It sucked.

But I've napped.  Showered.  Eaten.  Twice.  And am now enjoying a Widmer brew.  Because I can.

Sorry for blowing up your Dashboards, followers.  Hope you enjoyed the travels!!  And stay tuned for July 1st departure for England/Scotland.  You won't want to miss it.  Or the beer.


  1. My dear friend is from Oregon! I would totally live there if it weren't more expensive than living in Texas! Of course, I'm sure its cheaper than living in Alaska!

  2. Hooray for killing time at Target! :) I always end up there when I'm visiting people and we're in need of some cheap entertainment.