Wednesday, June 9

Because these are the thoughts in my head at 1:48am

The damn alarm loves to mock me. And it isn't even mine.  It's Mr. Wookie's.

I set my phone to go off at 3:00am.  I still haven't packed.  For those who know me, this is very typical behavior.  For those who don't, let me enlighten you.

By packing, I'm acknowledging that I'm going to be stuck in a steel tube for half the day.  I'm going to be leaving my comfortable bed for Baby Sister's floor.  I'm going to visiting family I haven't seen in forever, and meeting a Little Man who apparently will melt my heart (which we'll see because I say my heart is made of reinforced titanium).  I'll indulge in a State that I love too much just to miss it that much more and desert Mr. Wookie will full force.  Then it'll all be over and I'll be forced at gunpoint, in a Battan-march fashion, back on the steel tube to the life I live on the Other Coast. 

And who wants that looming over their vacation's beginning?  Well, apparently me, because I didn't sleep at all last night.  So here's to hoping I have a nap sometime mid-air.

I woke up at 1:48am.

And I continued this trend until my alarm quietly popped at 3:00am.

I just didn't feel like packing last night.  And Mr. Wookie has a very stressful day today, and I figured that if I can be quiet packing this morning, he'll get more sleep than if I were to stay up and pack last night.  That's the logic I'm going with though.  Yes, it's not sound, at all.  But it's the wiring of the genetics I'm working with.

And what a morning to fly out.  Today is 400 days.  400 days of living on the Other Coast.  I plan on doing a very precise study of everything that's happened in those 400 days as there have been some greats, some awfuls, some whatevers, and some We are so not in Kansas Oregon anymore.  But overall it's been fun.  Because it's not like you've seen me hang myself via YouTube.  And there isn't anyone to posthumously pen my blog in the same manner.  So you're stuck with me.  You're welcome.

But until then, I'm nursing my coffee (annoyed that I don't have a 3 oz. travel mug to get thru security with caffeine - but that's not like that amount would tie me over anyways) and will go back upstairs for my list and suitcase.  I showered last night, so packing shouldn't take too excruciatingly long.

Last time I was in Oregon?  October.  Early October.  For a Beaver football game.  And we lost.  Thanks school. I mean, I understand my major was lousy and we barely got ceiling fans before I graduated, but at least pull a victory out when I reign down on the town.  I thought I was royalty.  Oh, well apparently they aren't fans of Gings or my blog.

So the next time you'll hear from me hopefully I'm on a different coast. Being Welcome Wagon'd by Baby Sister and Mama Ging.  We'll go for coffee, peruse the lesbian shoes, maybe hit up Powell's (if I can kill my Sylvia Plath book today), then enjoy a super-blog-fodder-fest of microbrews.  And it's only Day #1.  Oh, I can't wait.  This'll be good, people.


  1. Oak Park got ceiling fans after I left?

  2. Nice meeting military spouses/girlfriends on here. I listed you in my military blogger/resources on my blog. My husband just joined the army and he is currently in Basic Training/Officer Candidate School....I am trying to adjust but this separation is hard. I look forward to reading your blog!

    Also, I just started a feature Military Spouse Spotlight on my blog, check it out and let me know if you are interested!

    Now following your blog! You can also follow me at Musings Of An Army Wife