Friday, June 11

Yays and Nays: Portland Edition

Yay: Finding Privo Clarks at DSW for only $60.
Nay: Striking out on finding my Keen Coronado Mary Jane anywhere in Downtown Portland.
Yay: Getting out yesterday morning for a 3.0 mile job around Baby Sister's neighborhood.
Nay: Realizing my running in Norfolk hasn't revolved around any hills.  And Portland has hills.
Yay: Baby Sister is a yuppie and grinds her own beans for coffee each morning.
Nay: She is allergic to carb = no real sugar in the house.  Coffee = fake sugar'd coffee.
Yay: No humidity, perfect drizzle of rain.  My life is complete.
Nay: Rain + leather shoes = butt-hurt Ging.
Yay: Today is Friday = meet this Little Man that I hear so much about.
Nay: My vacation is almost halfway over.  Boo.

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