Sunday, June 20

Happy Father's Day Poppy!

Thank you Hallmark for another holiday that us kids have to get off the shed and give parents credit for how difficult it is to raise stellar offspring.

Webcam session last year.

Collegiate paparazzi during my trip back to OR.

Grandpa Man and Little Man

He's taught me the finer things in life, the love for microbreweries...

...the love for sushi...

Here he is oogling the aircraft that'll be Mr. Wookie's home in the Navy.

And he makes some mean "B 'n G's."  Biscuits and gravy...

Happy Father's Day Poppy.  Thanks for the awesome trip out West.  Thanks for you and Mama Ging come out for Mr. Wookie's Winging.  And for all the football games.  And the Beaver Gear at the beginning of each season.  And the dinners out.  And the vacations.  And the laughs.  And the Christmas memories.  And the hankies.  Thanks Dad.  Love you.

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