Wednesday, June 2

Here's to lookin' good. Oh wait, not today.

1:12am: Wake up shivering.  I love my life.

4:28am: Wake up again.  Need to use the bathroom.  Still freezing.  And I have all the covers.  Snuggle up to Mr. Wookie to regain some heat.  Useless.

5:30am: Mr. Wookie's alarm goes off.  My face still hurts.  Especially below my left eye.  Yay for sinus headaches.

6:42am: Call into work.  I'm running a fever and am not feeling up-to-par to be in.  I've run this by my team, and everyone's kosher. Call me if there are questions.

9:37am: Wake up again to move my car from the street before the meter maids move in.  I have to relocate it numerous blocks away as the parking structure nearest me is full.  That's a first.

10:02am: Debate drugs in supermarket aisle.  This lasts 10 minutes.

10:12am: Realize I have drugs that'll do in my bathroom.  I'll save the $5 for another time.

10:21am: First dose of drugs.  Back to bed.  I start the Chronicles of Riddick.  I fall asleep shortly.

12:48pm: I wake to a phone call from work.  To call back or not to call back?  So I call back.  They're making sure everything's handled for tomorrow's luncheon in case I'm not in.  I plan on being in - so they're not too worried.

1:12am: Second bowl of Cheerios.  Because I'm too lazy to cook at this point in time.

2:18pm: Robin Hood: Men in Tights is now over.  I need a new movie to watch.

4:01pm:  Awake from Nap #?.  Debate changing movies, as the Menu screen is still on Robin Hood.  Debate fails.  I'm too lazy/cold/unmotivated to do anything.  So I play the movie again.  This time I catch everything I fell asleep for during the first viewing.

5:12pm: Ponder where Mr. Wookie is...I wonder if he went out for a drink?  That son of a bitch, if he did.  He couldn't have.  He'd know better than that.  He knows that I'm useless when I'm sick.  Unless I'm vomiting, because then my one-lined commentary is Oscar worthy.

6:07pm: Mr. Wookie strolls in the door.  And he's pooped.  11-hour work day.  For him.  Check.

6:52pm: Rise my Zombie-like body to go to the market for more drugs.  The stash I had were slowly dwindling, and in order to make it through tomorrow...I need more.  That and we need more chicken noodle soup a la Campbell's.  MmmmmMMmmm...Good!

7:01pm: We discuss how many times I've been sick while occupying this coast.  We feel that the East Coast germs are more than my hippie West Coast exposure can handle.  Agreed.  I've been sick here more than I've been back home.  And these sicknesses knock my ass out.  As in today.  I wanted to curl up and die in the honey aisle at the supermarket.  Apparently bee vomit is my Kryptonite.

7:12pm: We start watching more of Season 3 of Coach.  Because who doesn't like Craig T. Nelson??

7:19pm:  Mr. Wookie brings me said soup.  And a side of crackers.  Who's awesome??

9:04pm:  I'm in bed.  Debating tomorrow's existence.  And whether I'll be able to make it into work tomorrow.  I'm planning on it. never know.  If I haven't bashed my head from pressure before then.  Why can't sinus pressure be like a know...stick a needle in it to relieve pressure.  And I totally described this to Mr. Wookie while he was eating his salad, and DEFINITELY made the description of the puss to resemble his salad's dressing.  Roommate of the Year right here.

9:05pm:  Mr. Wookie pops in I love you, Man.  Not my favorite movie, but I don't mind looking at Andy Samberg.  And his butt chin.


  1. Being sick sucks (although any excuse to watch a Mel Brooks flick can't be all bad, can it?). Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Yeah. Welcome to my life the last two months.

    Except I don't have the enjoyment of drugs.

    My mommy is here, I plan on using the strength of the mommy hug to cure myself.

    Feel better bestest. *lifting a glass of tea to you*