Tuesday, June 8

She's definitely not a Mathlete

Me: "Hi there, this is Ashley with [Company], I called this morning for an order I want delivered tomorrow morning.  I'm calling to confirm the numbers and pre-pay with my Visa."

I'm out tomorrow, remember, so I have everything set-up through the rest of the week.  Or at least, try.

Girl: "Umm, I dont know anything about that order."

Let's not look up orders for tomorrow.  No, that'd be too easy.

Me: "Okay, well I put an order in this morning for 10 for the Breakfast Platter with a delivery of 8:10am."

I always ask for an obscure delivery time because I hate when people aren't on time.

Me: "Since then, I've had 2 add to the guest list, so our total is now 12."

Girl: "So you want me to add like a bagel or something?"

Yes, I'd like to starve some people.

Me: "No, I'd like the Breakfast Platter but instead of it being for 10 like I originally ordered, I'd like to have it for 12 now."

This shouldn't have been that difficult. It's ordering a per-person platter where the number dictates the quantity, but she didn't get it.  Maybe she was new.  But at least my Friday had fun in testing me.


  1. Muahahahahaha.

    That's awesome. She's retarded.

  2. It's like the cashiers at Safeway when you try to give them change so the money you get back is an even dollar amount. They just don't get it.

  3. Oh geez... I hope you get the full food, and not just food for ten plus a bagel!

  4. Maybe the girl thought you wanted her to add to the breakfast order were a few bowls of Cheerios! ;) I LOVE that you're a crazy Cheerios nut as well.

  5. The Sherrif says... too bad you weren't able to see the T shirt she was wearing with the large "O" on the front. ha ha

    Sooo excited to see the Ging tomorrow!