Monday, June 21

One awful 8K, a European vacation countdown, and "Who is Mr. Wookie?"

Let me preface by saying I shouldn't have even been up early on Saturday.  I should have woken up, watched some people run a blisteringly hot 8K, then go back to my sacred air-conditioned apartment for a relaxing weekend in.  And maybe had done some laundry.

And the race was at 7:30am.  I don't even think 4:30am would have helped.

Instead I was one of those idiots, chasing 5 miles under the blistering sun, claiming cold beer is TOTALLY worth it.  Well apparently I'm an irrational woman - oh wait, that's synonymous.  Have you seen the Chronicles of Riddick?

This movie.  Well, if you have then you know the meaning of dying from sun exposure.  It was irradiatingly (totally a word) too hot for any athletic endeavor, even underwater basket weaving.  If you haven't seen this gem of a flick, Netflix it.  You'll enjoy the muscles.  And bad acting.

So Saturday morning I did the standard photo op with my gear.  Notice the lack of sunglasses.  I didn't think my ginormous "Jackie O" glasses were the right touch to the day.

Here I am all smiles.  Hahahahah, silly Gingy.  No idea that this day would be more torture than worth it.  But you live and learn, right?  At least it's not like contracting Herpes.

10 minutes until "bull horn time."  I recognized a few Half Marathon hats and shirts from this spring.

And we did NOT start on time.  And ugh, just look at those freckles.  They don't even match.

And we're almost off! 

Not even 3 miles in and I realized the mistake of this race.  Running in the shadows = not too bad.  Running in direct sunlight = felt like my skin would melt right off my skeleton.  And I'm not proud at all that I had to take walking breaks.  I'm not doing this race again. ;)

I can't believed you can actually see it in this picture.  See that shiny spot.  Right there.  Ya, that's a pile of vomit.  And I almost stepped in it.  Wonderful, eh?

Of course, I had to cut a painful-to-watch video of this sweaty outting.  So enjoy that!

Point #2 of my blog title...

Today was another incredibly painful day to sit through when I have an amazing family vacation on the horizon. I just wanna pack my bags and get on the plane.  Every time I have one little vacation, it just breeds the traveling bug in my system.  But I have a week and some change to wait until that wonderful moment where I spend 2 weeks out of the country.  No, Mr. Wookie won't be joining me.  But he's been on plenty of adventures. It's about time I catch up.  But even then, he'll always be ahead of me as he'll be spending this 4th of July in the Big Apple!

And point #3 of the blog title...

I have a feeling y'all don't know much about Mr. Wookie.  So let's change that.  Be on the lookout for fun facts about the gentle giant that graces this here blog.  And he's not much for pictures, but I'll work my magic and dig up some oldies but goodies from college.  Ooooohh, I'm liking this plan more and more.  I'm excited, folks!

Happy Monday!