Monday, June 28

I finally got that booger outta my left nostril.

Let's start off with saying Welcome Back to the Blogging World, Gingy.  My readers, I assume, have missed me oh-so-very-much-but-not-too-much-not-enough-to-stalk-me-via-Facebook-to-see-where-I'm-at.  No, that was my last trip outta town.  Not that I gave that away too much on Facebook.  I was about to hit "publish" on a blog saying that we were running outta town for the weekend, but since today's Internet can pinpoint your damn location - I opted to not have my house potentially ransacked.  Paranoid?  Oh, you know it.  Only redheads can dream up such delusions.  Okay, us and the occasional hoarder.  OMG, I need this, I need this, I can't live without this half drank Double Big Gulp from 1997 that's been molding ever since.  Ya, I got a completely hit up a marathon Hoarders this weekend.  My life's complete.

But I'm back.  We got in last night.  Okay, yesterday afternoon.  Plenty of sunlight to spare as I didn't do a lick of laundry.  That can totally wait.  Because I don't leave for England in 3 days.

Our vacation destination: Raleigh, North Carolina.

It might be love.  Hippie love.

I'll say it out loud: I LOVED RALEIGH!

It was Southern.  Polite people, slight humidity, and cars that stopped for pedestrians.  But not too Southern.  They recycled, promoted comprehensive sex education, and I gurked it to some familiar Birkenstock's around the area.  I have a little thing for Birk porn.  So just gimme a second here.  And maybe a cigaretteMrs. Robinson.

While it was super duper hot out, it wasn't nearly as sweltering as it was back in the Norfolk district.

And of course I documented the weekend, but I'm lazy at the moment and want to interest you with my words, not just my pictures.  It's like a game of I'll show you mine, but first you have to recite the first line of Moby Dick.  Quiz: What is the first line of Moby Dick?  No Googling, cheaters.

So now I'm re-cooperating after hitting the gym this evening.  Yes, I dusted off the cobwebs to my gym membership to spend a little time with the treadmill.  And it wasn't too disastrous, if I can say so myself.  I just don't recommend running an hour after indulging in dinner.  I was a bit ambitious.  Thank goodness I spent most of my work out on a severe incline preparing my legs/butt/soul for some hiking.  Because after hitting up REI this weekend, I have a stiff one for hitting up a trailhead for a good sweat session of Evergreens, dirt, majestic views, and a Subway sandwich.

But let's focus on the vacation on the horizon...

Am I ready for England?  Technically no.  But mentally yes.  I'll pack tomorrow.  I spent this afternoon confirming which sister is bringing what so there's no duplicates of unnecessary items (Baby Sister is bringing toothpaste, Middle Sister is bringing...something else, I forget).

I'm bringing my liver.  Because that's important.

And about that booger.  I'd been trying all afternoon to nab it.  Little thing just didn't feel like budging.  But I got it, thanks to the left thumb hook.  He came right out.  Then I rolled it, flicked it, then wiped it on the bottom of my shoe.  Because that's what I do.  After all, Brother's know best.


  1. Don't forget your underwear this time...H&M in England is way more expensive :D

  2. Haha, I just did't pack enough then!

    I hit up REI while in Raleigh and got 2 pairs of those quick wash 'roos. Should be good to go for the 2 weeks.

    Hope it rains there. I need some cooling off.

  3. I think I may have added a "they".
    I so did not google.

  4. Dear AShley, Please remind that Grandson of mine, of grandmother in Wa. [the real grandmother] that she remembered his birthday. But could not reach him via phone or email since I do not hear from the grandson. Grandmother feels like a long forgotten little match girl sitting in snow selling matches, dying of hunger and neglect due to grandsons lack of concern and communication. Please remit to Ryan. LOve Grandmother Barbara.
    Ps that golden glow that you received form Ryans mom is going to negated due to neglect to real grandmother.I am still the mother Empress of this family. thats Empress not to be confused with other mothers.