Monday, June 7

Can I get a glass of "Let's skip thru Tuesday?" And a pedicure?

Push-ups are a bitch.  Especially when I'm still in my Target skirt and tank from work today.  Mr. Wookie already worked out, which leaves me alone in that department.  And rather than donning workout clothes and heading to the gym, I'm staying in and continuing the elation of my day.  Today was my Monday, tomorrow is my Friday.  Vacation is on the horizon, and I only have one word for you: Bitches.

I'm taking a break right now because I don't feel like actually sweating.  I did enough of that last night.  We decided to try a long run since it was Sunday after all.  Well even at 8:30pm, I had enough boob sweat to swear I was a Namibian Namibia. If they actually had boobs.

So Monday is strength and stretching.  I'm working on the strength part now.  Then I'll stretch...towards the bar...or the wine collection.  Because hydration is a serious health threat.

I'll be hydrating quite well come Wednesday.

So yesterday I was oogling a pair of sandals for Middle Sister's upcoming graduation.  Not to toot the horn of my family, but we'll be celebrating #3 for Oregon State graduates.  What. up?

Now if only that trend could continue.  Y'all know Baby Sister, right?  Well she decided to offend the family and attend Portland State.  PORTLAND STATE?  Really?  I kid, I kid.  Leave it to the baby of the family to throw a curveball and live in the big city.  Maybe cows and rednecks aren't her thing.  But if you'd like to leave her grief, go for it.  Baby Sister, you've been warned.

Anyways, back to the shoes.  So after I bought the pot, I was back to stalking a pair of sandals online.  I've been slowly, but surely, piecing together the options I'll wear for Middle Sister's graduation.  I just didn't have black sandals.  And that just can't stand.  So it is.  

But what's this?  OH NO!  Shit almost hit the fan when I refreshed the page and there were only 2 pairs left (now only 1 thanks to this Ging).  Must. purchase. now.  *Click*  Purchased.  Phew.  And thanks to the little VIP status I have (bitches!), they'll be here Tuesday.  Just in time.  In the words of Middle Sister, "Jeal, jeal?"

But let's get the illegal drugs, shall we?

And be illegal drugs I mean pot.  And by pot, I mean the literal pots and potting soil we bought at KMart.  Had you fooled, didn't I?  Okay, maybe not.  I mean, my dad's nickname is the Sheriff.  There are only so many times that someone poisons the waterhole.  Or puts a snake in his boot.

 Jungle Wookie

We were able to finally pot the new plants I had received for Administrative Appreciation Day, as well as top of the herds of plants we already have.  That was our one errand for Sunday.  That and picking up turtle food.  I know, we're exciting people.

And I leave you with a shot of my sneakers, Mr. Wookie's old PT shorts from college (yes, I wear them, because they were free), and the pink shirt I didn't wear for my Half Marathon in March.  And my dangling earbuds.


  1. I know sometimes I forget to fill you in on stuff but...

    I'm transferring! #4 graduate in... 2 years!

  2. Have a great trip out to Oregon! Can't wait to hear about all the shenanigans and adult beverages :)