Thursday, June 17

I think the frigid bitch has left for the time being. But don't quote me....

Returning to the Real World is always a hefty slap of reality as I grumble and moan my 20-minute commute back to the throes of adulthood.  I've always been working or not not working (usually revolving around a trip to visit Mr. Wookie during our time of long distance-ness), so rarely have I had to return to work after trips.  It's usually during the lull of life that I gallivant all over the country.  Some call it the curse of the Navy.  I call it potential freedom (depending on how often you move, etc.).

Well Tuesday sucked as I was not even recovered from my red eye flight when I had to be in at 7am, then meeting and greeting shining, happy faces at 8am.  And when all I wanted was to come home, curl up in a ball, put a vodka tonic IV in, and fall asleep on the couch, I worked late.  Because it's what you do when you're cranky and not yet time-adjusted for this coast.

Yesterday was improvement.  I only had 4 cups of coffee compared to Tuesday's 5 cups.

I think that's the only highlight.

I'm still dragging in the mornings as I sit here waiting for the coffee to kick in before I jump into the shower.  Because as you know...warm water + sleepy Ging = wanting to crawl back asleep for eternity.  And in eternity, cell phones don't work.  Muhahahaha.

So today is Thursday.  And I'm not ready for that.  At all.  Thursday will be over in a flash.  Friday will also.  Then comes Saturday.  Race day.  What was I thinking??  Oh wait, I wasn't.  I didn't take into consideration the blazingly hot and ball-swamping temperature it would be in June.  Yes, I've officially been here for over a year, but this winter's freezing temperatures completely killed my memory on how warm it gets.

How am I supposed to exert myself when it doesn't even drop below 70 degrees????  I think I'll die.

But if you're in the Norfolk area on Saturday, perhaps even running the CHKD Run/Walk For The Kids 8K race also, look for me.  I'll be the gangly Ging swearing off running between May and October.  I've learned my lesson, Mother Nature.  You won't get me next time.  Damn raising money for the kids...I would have been better off spending it on beer while I was in Oregon.

And this vacation-work curse will continue as that July 1 time frame excitedly creeps closer.  In 2 weeks, I'll board a plane across the Pond for a 2-week stint touring England and Scotland.  So I guess this serves as the official warning that my return to the working world on July 15th will be BEYOND ugly.  Beware.  Even the blog might have claw marks.  You can never tell.  Vacations are a double-edged sword.  Oh, I love the traveling life. I love seeing new places, experiencing their culture, picking up a souvenir along the way, and imbibing in their beverages.  But I love money.  Money, money, money.  It makes the world go 'round.  And it pays the Ging's rent, the Ging's inability to find pants that fit her long-ass inseam so she has to order online, and her bar tab.  Speaking of bar tabs, it's been forever since I've hit up my ol' watering hole.  I may have to pay them a visit.  On Saturday.  After the race.  So they can administer the IV of vodka tonic.

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