Monday, June 14

Traveling Recap: Norfolk to Portland

Wednesday and Thursday were great.  I was escaping the undying heat and humidity of the Eastern Seaboard for the more passive, eco-conscious land of Portland, Oregon.  My people.  Well, okay, maybe not exactly "my" people as I've never lived there.  But when they recycle and compost more than they trash, I can only relate.  Plus they were lesbian shoes too.  But for different reasons than I do.

My connection in Dallas revolved around taking a skytram to my connecting terminal.

At this time, I was looking for a Texas-sized bathroom since I had a couple cups of coffee before my first flight in Norfolk. And my standard in-flight beverage of ginger ale.

Thanks to the Sheriff informing me of an Au Bon Pain close to my gate, I picked up a breakfast bagel sandwich to curb over the stomach tapeworm demons.  They were getting loud.

I was bummed Mt. Hood was clouded over.  That's my favorite part of the descent.

Baby Sister and Mama Ging picked me up from the airport, complete with a sign, that was failed to be documented, because hugs were in order.

Post-flight, my stomach was rumbling again and my caffeine levels were severely low.

A whole wheat bagel, smear, and the Northwest Portland monthly newsletter.

And a cup of house Peruvian coffee with room.

On our way back to Baby Sister's apartment, we passed by the historic Made in Oregon sign.

There I finally met up with the Sheriff who was busy working when my flight came in.

After regrouping with cookies (scroll back up and inspect the Sheriff's hand), we hit up Downtown Portland for some shopping and dinner.  We leave for London on July 1st, and I was on a mission for new shoes. 

One of our stops: REI.

After REI, we hit up the Deschutes Brewery where the Sheriff was testing out his future in modeling.

On the menu: The smoked chicken chop salad.  Woof.

Disappointment of the Day: Their "Hop in the Dark" psuedo-IPA was flat and flavorless.

So the Sheriff demanded (literally) I get a Saipon (his).

Food porn time...

From here, we mobbed home with full bellies and tired bodies.  Okay, maybe just mine.  I was still on East Coast time, so when 8pm hit...I was close to calling it a night.  This weekend was going to be a busy one.  I needed my beauty sleep.  Even if it was sharing an air mattress with Baby Sister in the living room of her apartment.  This Ging isn't picky.  Well, over sleeping arrangements, that is.

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